Drive Sales to the Metaverse & Beyond with the Top Facebook Marketing Agencies in US

Do you believe that Facebook has tremendous potential in building your brand through advertisements? The best Facebook marketing companies in US give you the chance to unleash this potential for you.

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  • Facebook advertisements are a cost-effective way to reach your customers and build brand awareness.
  • Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world, with more than 2 billion monthly active users.
  • Create a business Facebook page, get your brand and products in front of millions of people, build relationships with prospective clients and amplify your ads for better ROI.
  • Get in touch with Global Search Council today for your Facebook marketing services in US.
SEO Company in USA

Our Services

Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso

Full-Service Facebook Advertising

Our full-service model offers an integrated solution by working one-on-one with you to understand your goals and build a campaign that meets those goals

Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso

Facebook Audience Targeting

Facebook Audience Targeting is an effective way to reach your ideal customers. It helps you increase sales on Facebook Ads by providing a specific audience, based on the source and destination of traffic, to target for your product or offer.

Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso

Facebook Ad Design & Development

We create engaging ad experiences that reach your audience. Bring your Facebook ads to life with eye-catching, immersive ads in News Feed, via targeted messages and more.

Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso

Facebook Ad Optimization

Facebook Ad Optimization is a Facebook Ads platform that helps you to define the right audience and message for your business. Our services will help you to get more traffic, leads, sales and increased revenue by getting you started with Facebook ads.

Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso

Campaign Monitoring

GSC provides full overview of all Facebook performance metrics such as view count, cost per acquisition and engagement with detailed reporting. We also ensure that your content is seen by quality traffic, and not just bots.

Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso

Manage Your Budget

GSC believes that spending on Facebook ads does not have to burn a hole in your pocket. We regularly pull out of inefficient streams and redirect campaign budgets to profitable sources.

Our Process

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Facebook Advertising Set Up

With the GSC Facebook advertising set up you can create and manage Facebook advertisements. This includes creating a Facebook Ad, adding targeting information and setting budgets.

SEO Company in California
Research & Planning

We help you generate leads, increase engagement, and make your advertisements more effective. Our team listens to your needs and provides a seamless experience for delivering great results.

SEO Company in California
Facebook Targeting Strategy

The GSC team of advertising experts will work with you to create and execute a custom ad optimization strategy that’s tailored to your business. You can target users based on attributes such as their interests, demographics or location.

SEO Company in California
Creative Approach

Get your message in front of this large number of people, but there are many creative ways to do so. From using Facebook Live to promote your business, to using videos or Instagram stories as marketing tools, there are plenty of strategies you can use.

SEO Company in California
Growth & Scaling

We will improve your Facebook advertising growth and scaling showcase how it's done, what the trends are and what you should know about optimizing for growth.

SEO Company in California

Our results are always significant, on-point and measurable. Furthermore, we deliver these results to you in an easy-to-understand manner and show you how it translates into money!

Why Choose Us?

SEO Company in USA
Leads = Success
  • Build everything around simplicity
  • Deliver quantifiable results
  • Be a recipient of its own services
Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso
Trust Built on Consistency
  • Focus on creativity
  • Build on brand positioning
  • Trusted by brands across industries
Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso
1-Stop Solution for
Digital Marketing
  • Operate on real-time data
  • Cover wide target markets
  • Target primary audience

Social Media Marketing

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Large Audience

Facebook has upwards of 2 billion users and has been around since before all its other competing social media rivals.

PPC Agency in San Franciso
Targets Different Stages

Facebook provides the advantage of full-funnel marketing. You can use a variety of resources to guide visitors through the entire AIDA model.

PPC Agency in San Franciso
Specific Targeting

You can have access to targeting people based on how relevant they are to you and your business. Take advantage of this to increase success rates.

PPC Agency in San Franciso
Different Ad Formats

There are multiple types of ad formats that you can choose from in order to maximize the ROI you can get from Facebook advertising.

PPC Agency in San Franciso
Quantifiable Results

With Facebook, there are numerous ways in which you can measure your campaign success rates according to the metrics set in advance.

PPC Agency in San Franciso
Retargeting Advantages

There are several ways in which you can include retargeting strategies to make your existing and past customers make a follow-up purchase.


SEO Company in USA
Avoiding Facebook was a bad mistake apparently. Thankfully, GSC was there to set up our FB ad campaign for us.
George Jansen

CDO at an IT service enterprise

SEO Company in USA
Facebook is not a great app for us because our product is designed for teenagers. But still we have had good success through GSC run campaigns.
Jeremy Holland

Owner of an e-Learning Company

SEO Company in USA
We had no idea about the plethora of tools available to measure and improve performance on our Facebook campaigns. Thank you, Global Search!
Scott Anderson

COO of an advertising firm

Frequently Asked Questions

The Facebook advertising agency assists the experts in running Facebook advertising campaigns. Global Search is a great Facebook marketing company in US.

Agencies have all the tricks up their sleeves, coupled with the technical expertise and time to run your campaigns for you.

The cost of advertising on Facebook can vary greatly depending on what exactly you are trying to achieve through your campaigns. Do get in touch with us, so we can help you figure out the price for you!

The right Facebook marketing agency in USA will provide a great experience in running ads before and proactively provide recommendations for your campaigns.

Facebook advertisements are a cost-effective way to reach your customers and build brand awareness.

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