20 “must use” SEO tools to hit the top rank in SERPs

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June 17, 2022 . 2 min Read
Do you wish to gain huge traffic on your website from all over the world?

Then, SEO is the ultimate solution.

What do you mean by SEO?

Search engine optimization is a process by which you add keywords (that are in demand) that are in use widely all over the globe. When you optimize your content using those keywords and following the best SEO practices, search engines rank your website in the top position, and hence you have more chances of gaining worldwide visitors over your website.

SEO is not a piece of cake, and it really takes a lot of effort to make your website rank in a good position. Here are a few handfuls of SEO tools that you may apply to implement the optimization process to see quicker results.

1. The Google collection

Google offers a wide range of tools like Google Analytics, keyword planner, search console etc. these tools are a powerful combination for every marketer to improve their customer response.

How it benefits you?

All the tools mentioned above help you in finding keywords and ways to use them in your content. It further helps you analyze the customer response towards keywords in your published material.

It would become easier for you to mark your content, gain insights on how to change it as per the customer requirement, and help to improve the user experience.

2. SEMrush

Recently, this tool has gained significant attention globally. It has helped millions of customers optimize their keyword search in a few seconds.

How it benefits you?

Semrush displays useful parameters like cost per click and the number of websites, which it ranks for

Apart from that, it can display the technical issues in your system. Let us say if your software is not up to date, SEMrush simply displays the error message and asks you to re-check your system and make the necessary changes.

3. Answer the public

Are you a graphics lover?

Well if you are that is good, but if you do not understand what topic you need to choose for your content, then you can certainly hop in to answer the public forum.

How it benefits you?

When you type your question in this platform, you can find thousands of topics in the form of questions, which you can choose as per your requirement.

The most attractive feature of this platform is the “hub and spoke model” way of displaying answers.

It suggests attractive keywords, as well. All you need is – to be able to locate those keywords.

4. Moz

Moz is a software that enables your page to increase its visibility. It displays the content and suggests how to modify it in order to help your website gain more attention over the internet.

You can increase the number of visitors to your website to a huge amount and increase your profit margins simultaneously. The best thing about Moz is that it offers both local and global strategies to increase your website traffic.

5. Yoast

The most powerful SEO tool you can ever own!

You can use this amazing word press plug-in after installation.

How it benefits you?

Let us say you are about to release a post online, but it is not optimized as per the SEO. Yoast SEO can help you fix it. The best quality that this plug-in offers is suggestions on how to improve your content, create a URL slug, increase keyword density, and enhance its readability.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert player of the digital world, Yoast has handmade solutions for all kinds of SEO related troubles.

So make sure you install this plug-in before you release your first post online.

6. Varvy

Are you not confident on your website?


Do you think it needs changes and you need an expert opinion about it?

Varvy is exactly what you are looking for!

How it benefits you?

All you have to do is – type your domain name in the space provided and hit the enter button. This tool would display all the errors related to your website and provide suggestions to fix them.

7. Woorank tool

You can easily use this tool in the form of chrome extension without any hassle.

How it benefits you?

After installation, you need to click on it while using the website, on which you want to keep an eye or monitor.

You can make the necessary improvements on your website as per the suggestions provided by Woorank. One more interesting feature about this extension is that it provides the page rank or site rank based on global standards.

8. Animalz revive

Undoubtedly, old is gold, but at a certain period you need to update your website content as per the changing of customer choices. This tool helps you in doing the same.

How it benefits you?

When you own a website, you need to keep a check over the console and analytics report, but at times you might find it very difficult to get that old content and pages out of your website.

Animalz review helps you in pointing out and generating the content reports about the older page on your website and tells you the necessary details you need to change in it to avoid further loss in web traffic. After updating your content, your website would have high chances of ranking in the top search engines pages.

9. Seed keywords

These tools help in routing different ideas in your mind.

You can just use a keyword or find a heap of related keywords, and then choose to frame a topic by yourself.

How does it benefit you?

The well-defined feature about this tool is that it can offer you the most searched keywords in the search engines.

10. Exploding topics

Are you tired of searching keywords that have a good rank?

Well then do not worry; you can simply jump into exploding topics platform.

How does it benefit you?

The unique quality of this tool is it displays the number of keywords or topics that are about to enter the trend race. One more unique fact about this tool is that it helps you segregate your topics as per different fields. For instance – you wish to make your page trending in the field of cooking; you can simply choose a category, find the upcoming trend of keywords related to the field, and thus plan accordingly.

Therefore, it helps you in being one step ahead in the digital marketing world.

It becomes easier for you to use a keyword that has an upcoming value, gradually, when people search for that keyword, your website can surely pick enough attention, and you may notice visible results.

11. SEObility

Are you looking for a complete makeover of your website?


Let us say you are looking for a 360-degree change in the overall quality of your website.

This hectic process of improving your website quality becomes easier with the use of SEObility.

This tool simply sends crawlers to your website to search what kind of features in your website need changes, for instance, do you need to change the content or do you need to improve the amount of graphics over the website and many more features.

12. Ubersuggest

This is one of the trending tools of this year.

An amazing tool offers you quality backlinks, content suggestions, and many features that are more exciting.

How does it help you?

When you head to Ubersuggest and do an SEO analysis of your website, you can actually get an overall percentage about how your website is running and what are the problems you need to fix.

It shows you the backlinks of some of the top websites in your niche. When you use these backlinks somehow in your content or blogs, you can find the amount of traffic shifting to your website for better visibility.

Other amazing features like paid clicks, search volume, and cost of clicks data are visible. You can always count over this data and work on improvising your website.

13. BrowSEO

Do you have to request your friends to look at your website?


Do you try to take random suggestions about your website looks?

Then you do not have to take all that pain anymore.

Simply click on browSEO, type in your domain name and click on search.

You can easily find how your website looks in the search engines and make necessary changes to the Meta tags in your website. This can possibly improvise your visibility in the search engines.

14. Detailed.com

Do you want to keep an eye over your competitors and see what they are doing?

Detailed.com can help you with that!

One of the most important facts about improving on increasing your website visibility is to keep checking what your competitors are doing from time to time.

Detailed.com helps you in scrutinizing the number of websites that are in the top list of SERPs and what they are doing to improve their performance.

15. SERPerator

This brilliant tool shows you how different search results appear on different devices at different locations.

When you come across such details, it becomes easier for you to work and optimize your website content using keywords and thus improves things from an SEO point of view.

16. Screaming frog

The performance of this tool reflects its name!

It literally draws your attention when it locates errors in your content or website. When you use this tool, it simply crawls in your site like Google bots, locates the Java-related, Html related errors, duplicate content, and points out to them easily. It becomes simple for you to optimize your webpage as per the search engines.

With time, when you work on these errors, you can find your website drawing attention from clients.

17. Keys4up

These days everyone wishes to use long-tailed keywords that are best in the industry.

However, one of the best ways through which you may optimize your content in terms of SEO is through lateral keywords.

Lateral keywords are the parallel terms of same keywords. One of the best advantages of using lateral keywords is that you can simply avoid clashing your content with other websites and avoiding the chances of duplicity.

18. Penguin tool

This is a complementary set of Google.

Are you wondering what does a complementary set of Google mean?

It means you can monitor your website rank through this tool when Google releases a new update.

The best feature about this tool is that you can use it depending on your location. For instance, if you wish to optimize your website as per local SEO, then you can use penguin and check your website ranking during Google updates and find how to increase your position in the SERPs.

19. Word tracker

Word tracker can help you track unique keywords over your competitors’ website. For instance, you have a website related to fashion and wish to optimize your content as per the SEO trends. With word tracker, this step becomes easier because these tools list out the number of keywords used in the competitors’ page.

You can keep track of these terms and use it to optimize your website accordingly.

20. Lipperhey

You would not hear much of this keyword research tool, but it is one of the most efficient tools, which you may use for optimizing your website.

Are you wondering how to do it?

Simply install this analyzer and take note of specific keywords on a website or webpage.

The best thing about this keyword tool is that it gives the percentage of SEO content and popularity. Thus, it becomes easier for you to analyze the errors on your website.

One more easy technique to help your website hit the highest rank in the search engine is to combine the list of keywords in order to form a long-tailed keyword that is in demand.


Gathering organic traffic for your website could be a daunting task, and you need to spend a significant amount of time on these various SEO techniques and strategies. Thanks to the SEO tools, optimizing websites have become easier on a daily basis.

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