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June 17, 2022 . 2 min Read

Optimizing your website and enhancing your rankings is no more straightforward as it was before. With all recent changes in Google algorithm, all old tactics like keyword research and target, optimization by page tagging along with on-page content updates do not have much impact. Moreover, each website is different and this implies that certain tactics may not guarantee any specific outcome for your website. This is the reason why it is vital to make some consistent improvements, supervise performance, test all new strategies, and make strategies as required.

If you are looking for ways for optimizing your website for Google, then you should focus on the whole experience of a website and optimize content for users as well as search engines, build inbound links, and many more things. With money, only you cannot achieve the best ranking in Google for your website. But you require some time as well as a strategy for enhancing your position on SERP.

It is true that Google is the largest search engine and most of the SEO guides focus on obtaining a good rank in Google but Bing has also continued to achieve popularity and has become the second most preferred search engine over the internet. Never make the mistake of ignoring the marketing potential of the second biggest search engine Bing. In maximum cases, you can optimize your website for Bing by utilizing the same strategies as for Google, but it is important to make sure your website is perfectly optimized for Bing.

Before we go to strategies to optimize the website for both Bing and Google, let us know why businesses should also optimize for Bing:

  • You will face low competition: You must know that very few of your competitors are making an attempt to get a good rank on Bing, which means it is easy to get a good rank in Bing when compared to Google. Because of low competition, it needs less time to get the required ranking outcomes.
  • Yahoo is powered by Bing: From the year 2009, Bing is powering Yahoo search engine. So when you optimize your website for Bing, it will naturally boost your outcomes in Yahoo.
  • More transparency: When you go through the Bing Webmaster Guidelines, you will observe that there are more transparency and fewer mysteries on getting a good rank on Bing. They also offer you tools to enhance your website to meet their needs.
  • The conversion rate is more: Based on some analysis, the conversion rate on Bing is 20% and on Google is 16.5%.
  • Small business gets more boost on Bing: For all local business, Bing displays more number of small businesses in their search results. This is a good opportunity for small businesses.

Thus, by now you must have understood that it is a better idea to optimize your website for both Google as well as Bing.

Strategies to optimize your website for Google:

1. Enhance your user experience: Based on the study on ranking factors by SEMRush, the topmost ranking factors are website visits, rate of bouncing, and pages per session. All this depends on the experience that your website provides to its users. It is very simple when your website is easy to use and engaging to users and provides all relevant information, you get more visitors. They will stay for a long time on your website and visit more number of pages and enhance your search rank.

2. Create good content that is SEO optimized: When you have the best quality content on your website, it is one of the best ways to enhance your traffic and enhance the search rankings. As per most of the marketing professionals, more than 50% of them said that on-page content development is one of the most efficient SEO tactics. Ensure your content is free from all mistakes, rich in relevant keywords, optimized for mobile, and written to address all specific requirements of your audiences.

3. Obtain more Backlinks: Backlinks are those links that link from different sites to yours and are one of the high ranking factors for Google. All the incoming links to your site from other enhanced authority domains display your site authority, brings more traffic, and enhance your search ranking.

4. Enhance your page speed: Google has included mobile page speed as one of the ranking factors. It is ideal to ensure that your site is fast as possible, as it helps in enhancing your search rank and also offers a better user experience.

5. Try to fix all broken links: Having the best quality links on your website is one of the best ways to increase traffic and in the establishment of your site authority. But all those links that bring in 404 error harms both user experience as well as search ranking. Use any tool to find broken links and fix them.

6. Image optimization: Optimization of your image is very important for increasing the speed of your website and making it reliable for Google to recognize the images present in your web pages. Ensure that all your website images are compressed with the well-described filename and involve all text.

7. Include H1 and H2 header tags: Header tag not only makes your content readable as well as easy to understand but also there is a strong relationship between the Google search rank and header tag use in your content. These header tags are also the best way for displaying your content and emphasizing all your important points.

8. Optimize your website for local searches and voice search: To increase your chance of displaying your business in the local searches, ensure to claim your Google My Business listing, offer all relevant content in Google posts and get your business listed in all local directories and enhance your online reputation with some of the best online reviews. In addition, ensure you optimize your website for all voice searches. Make sure to include complete sentences phrased in your website content in a conversational style.

9. Seek for “position zero”: When any users ask any question in Google search, it happens sometimes that it pulls content from any relevant website and displays it in a featured snippet or in the answer box. When your content is displayed in the featured snippet it is one of the best ways to enhance your web traffic and also boost your brand credibility as well as visibility. To enhance your chance of your content getting displayed in the featured snippet, always think of all likely searches based on your business and prepare your site for some clear and authorities answers.

So, these are the ways to optimize your website for Google. Now let’s have look at some of the effective strategies for optimizing your website for Bing:

1. The index in Bing: At first make sure your relevant pages are getting indexed in Bing. To know how many pages are indexed, in the Bing search box type “site” and then your website domain name. There is zero cost for submitting your website to Bing. All you have to do us submit your site through Bing Webmaster tools. The toolset present assists you in optimizing your rankings.

2. Clean sitemaps: Bing always prefers clean sitemaps, therefore is there are numerous 404 errors or any redirects, you will have to pay penalty. Submit a sitemap to Bing that involves all those working links to your WebPages. Bing doesn’t make frequent site crawling like that of Google, therefore again submit your sitemap when you make any changes to your site.

3. Always include straightforward and relevant keywords: Bing is a bit traditional when the matter comes to SEO. To have an increased power with Bing, include keywords that match exactly in URLs, title tags, meta-descriptions align with anchor text. Try to involve more primary target keywords in your content but do be too repetitive as it might affect your Google rankings. Try to make HTML title highly relevant to all queries that can be used for searching your site and make sure it’s not very long or repetitive.

4. Enhance your click-through rates: The signals from user are one of the important parts of Bing rankings. Bing algorithm processes your click-through rates from your search engine result pages as well as bounce rates. To increase click-through try to write a very compelling Meta description. And for decreasing the bounce rate, ensure your landing pages offer very clear and relevant information.

5. Enhance Backlinks: Like Google, Backlinks are also a sign of popularity as well as credibility for Bing rankings. They also increase businesses to create internal and external links with the help of social media activity. Based on some studies, Bing gives more value to Backlinks than that of Google.

6. Try to include more multimedia content: Even if Google considers different content formats, it still depends more on text content for ranking websites. But in Bing, it pays more importance to multimedia content. Bing prefers more rich as well as engaging content that makes use of images, audio, and videos as it helps in enriching the user experience.

7. Try to publish some unique as well as user-friendly content: As per Bing webmaster guidelines, when you offer content that is clear, easy to find, and with all deep insights, you are more likely to get indexed and your content is displayed in search results. But websites with less content, more ads, or those affiliate links do not rank well. Therefore, for a better ranking in Bing, your content on the website must be easy to navigate, and engaging for the visitor and offer all information that the user seeks. Thus, you must focus on making some useful, perfectly presented content that will help your target audience.

8. Increase your social media efforts: It is not clear whether social media have a direct impact on your search rankings or not, but Bing provides better clarity. When your content has a big number of shares, comments, and likes on any social media page, this offers you more organic ranking. You really get paid off when you build more followers on all social media channels. When you actively participate in all social conversations, you develop brand credibility that will increase audience engagement. When your social signals are stronger, you will get a high ranking on Bing search results. Try to use some content analytics tools for monitoring your brand mentions, hashtags along with keywords.

9. Try to put more emphasis on local details: In local search results, Bing displays more local and small businesses than that of Google. When you have a brick and mortar location, ensure Bing knows about it. Try to involve more location-specific pages in your site and try to claim free business listing with all Bing Places for business. Always try to keep your company information updated.

Thus, if you want to increase your marketing potential, try to optimize your website both in Google and Bing with all strategies discussed above. In this way, you will get n easy access to more data and obtain a clear picture of your organic search performance. Premium quality content, a user-friendly website, better keyword optimization along with organic link building will assist you in ranking high in both Google as well as Bing. Never make the mistake of only focusing on Google for website optimization as you can miss a lot. Google might serve for a large number of internet users but competition is high and enhancing your search rankings is hectic. This is the reason why an increasing number of marketers by taking Bing into account is a good consideration when you are making strategies for optimizing your website. With an increasing search market, Bing can offer businesses relevant access to some new sources of online traffic. It is better to focus extensively on Google as well as Bing to obtain better results.

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