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YouTube marketing is a crucial channel for any campaigner. Add YouTube Marketing to your watch later List now.

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Google Ad Facts Related to Business Growth

  • GSC is one of the top YouTube marketing agencies in US which highlights the quality of your videos, enabling you to grow your channel and audience.
  • We handle everything from the creative ideas, to pre-production and production management, editing, deployment and delivery.
  • With YouTube marketing, creating videos and uploading them on YouTube to promote a brand or a product and gain more exposure has never been easier.
  • With our brilliance, we can help you bring your YouTube channel to the next level!
SEO Company in USA

Our Services

Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso

Video Creation

With the best YouTube marketing companies in US video creation becomes the fastest way to build your brand, we'll help you tell your story without a script so you'll be remembered.

Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso

Video SEO

We offer Video SEO for YouTube Marketing. We provide video content for your YouTube channel, that can be targeted based on keywords and topics.

Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso

Video Description Copywriting

We write captivating, interesting and highly engaging content for your YouTube channel, as well as blog posts and website content that gets you more traffic to your site.

Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso

Video Syndication and Distribution

We distribute your content across the web so as to give your business the best return on investment (ROI) possible by way of high viewership and engagement metrics.

Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso

YouTube Ads

YouTube's ads are a great way to drive traffic and get your brand in front of new customers. We make sure the investment is worth its weight in numbers.

Why Choose YouTube Marketing

Best SEO Company in USA

Boost Traffic Opportunity

YouTube is home to a wide range of consumers. The filters and customization options make YouTube a potential lead-magnet for any brand.

Best SEO Company in USA

Grow Your Traffic

Start your own following on YouTube and post regular content that increases your subscriber count. Use enough redirecting links to make sure people who follow you, have the opportunity to easily make a purchase from your business.

Best SEO Company in USA

Always Stay Ahead

Like other social media platforms, YouTube provides the opportunity for you to jump on the latest trends and incorporate them into your promotional activity and content. This can ensure you stay relevant and get better views.

Best SEO Company in USA

Engage With Videos

Video form of content has one of the highest retention rates. Your aim should be to promote a higher level of audience engagement on this platform. Make use of all the benefits & features that YouTube provides you with.

Why Choose Us?

SEO Company in USA
Affordable Campaigning

We recognize the price sensitive budgets of small scale firms who do not like to throw much money into marketing. Hence, we have devised suitable packages for all.

Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso
Video Reporting

We provide consultancy services for your video production process in order to optimize the quality to the best level that it can be.

Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso
Enhanced Video Optimization

There are multiple factors to keep in mind in order to develop a high-quality video. All cinematographic particulars are kept in mind for your videos.

Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso
Accelerate & Drive Traffic

By focusing on the right YouTube strategies, we increase the view count, subscriber count and ultimately your overall audience count.


SEO Company in USA
We have grown to 20,000+ subscribers in the last 5 months due to GSC and their constant efforts to help us in our growth process.
Sarah Baker

CRO of a publishing company

SEO Company in USA
Our channel was sedentary for the last few years. GSC consulted us and gave us solutions on how we can improve it. We are in the process of the same.
Daniella Moore

CMO of a large scale event organizing agency

SEO Company in USA
Video production was a trait missing in all of our founding team’s portfolio. So we hired GSC to handle that aspect for us. Today, we have one of the largest channels on YT and are growing continually.
Dustin Thompson

CMO of a content creation platform

Frequently Asked Questions

YouTube marketing is the activity of promoting brands and goods on YouTube by using YouTube advertisements or by adding informative videos to a company's channel.

YouTube video ads help you connect with your target audience in an engaging manner to drive leads and build sales.

You need to figure out your goals relating to why you want to start YouTube marketing. Following this, you can approach an agency such as Global Search Council to handle the rest for you.

The right agency should have the optimal people and tools as well as the drive to help you in your pursuits. Do check out Global Search Council to help you with YouTube marketing services.

YouTube Marketing can charge you a variating amount depending on your goals and the routes you want to take. Do get in touch with us to help figure out a plan that best fits your budget.

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