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As an alternative (or, rather a supplement) to organic leads, pay-per-click allows you as an advertiser of your brand to pay based on the number of clicks your links receive. At Global Search Council, we provide you with the best PPC services in Austin. It is a must-have component of your marketing campaign, and we have the best team to help you scale your PPC aspirations.

Top PPC Agency in Austin

PPC Importance in Business

Top PPC Agency in Austin

Brand Awareness

Advertising is the best way for a brand to put itself out there and be found by millions of potential customers. PPC enables you to leverage on the increased number of impressions you can create.

Top PPC Agency in Austin

Lead Generation

Getting impressions isn’t everything unless you can fully build on them. PPC provides an opportunity for you to convert traffic into leads by introducing the ‘interest’ factor.

Top PPC Agency in Austin

Traffic Generation

By hiring a PPC company in Austin, you can help flood your content with traffic. This higher volume of traffic provides opportunities for brands to create lasting impressions in the minds of this audience.

Top PPC Agency in Austin

Better Conversion

PPC provides monetary value only when it leads to purchases. An efficient PPC agenda can lead to better sales volume and result in a higher conversion rate. Furthermore, this leads to having a larger audience segment.

What We Do?

Top PPC Agency in San Franciso

PPC Consulting

Our team consists of experts in internet based advertising. We plan your entire PPC journey and develop strategies for the same. We then further discuss with you how PPC falls into the larger picture of your entire marketing campaign.

Top PPC Agency in San Franciso

PPC Campaign Audit

We not only start off your campaign, but also perform regular checks and compare it against well-set KPIs in order to ensure effectiveness. This helps identify winning strategies, performance issues, competition analysis, and industry analysis.

Top PPC Agency in San Franciso

Keyword Research And Analysis

By performing keyword research for you, we get insights into how we can increase your rankings. We do this through in-depth research, and by backing our experienced team

Top PPC Agency in San Franciso

Content Creation

We believe that content is king when it comes to customer engagement. Accordingly, we plan out strategies, and use the best content creation tools. We follow a well thought out content plan that has been customized for each unique client of ours.

Top PPC Agency in San Franciso

Landing Page Optimization

In order to increase conversions, you need to have a strong website that makes people want to visit it. We develop your website to optimize it for user-friendliness and follow all the layout techniques needed for a simplistic design.

Top PPC Agency in San Franciso

Conversion Rate Optimization

We believe that this is a winning element for your business. A higher conversion rate directly corresponds to a higher cash in-flow. This is one of the biggest metric we use to track the performance of your campaigns.

Top PPC Agency in San Franciso

A/B Testing

Given the dynamic nature of customers, we also have the option of conducting A/B tests by splitting your target audience into 2 halves and implementing different targeting strategies to figure out the best course of action.

Top PPC Agency in San Franciso

Retargeting & Remarketing

Our marketing service is not merely about attracting a new set of candidates to your existing audience pool. It is also concerned with ensuring that existing and past customers come back for more purchases.

Top PPC Agency in San Franciso

Bing & Google Ads Management

Bing and Google Ads are the most popular advertising platforms with which we help you run ads. These sites can get you the highest volume of traffic and act as a platform for your brand to shine.

Types of Ad Services

Top PPC Agency in San Franciso
Search Ads

Hire GSC, one of the top ppc companies in Austin for this paid form of advertising that puts your ads at critical spaces on a search engine such as the top of a search results page.

PPC Agency in San Franciso
Display Ads

Our display ads work the same way as search ads. However, unlike search ads they are used to promote your brand regardless of whether the ad site location is relevant or not.

PPC Agency in San Franciso
Local Ads

This form of advertising utilizes geomarketing in order to optimize ad delivery. This helps narrow your ad campaign to the most relevant user base.

PPC Agency in San Franciso
Social Media Ads

Social media platforms such as Meta, Instagram, and Twitter offer the chance to maximize engagement between brands and customers. Global Search Council can help you maximize advertisements on these platforms by appealing to the correct audiences.

PPC Agency in San Franciso
Shopping Ads

By optimizing your shopping ads, we can help broaden their reach, drive traffic & sales and uncover sights & trends. We possess the creative knowledge as well as the technical know-how and can bring success to your campaigns.

PPC Agency in San Franciso
Video Ads

Video ads are the most interactive form of advertising. We believe that a video advertisement has a lot of potential in terms of what content and edits can be utilized. We optimize your video advertisements such that they truly engage with the visually-dependent customer.

PPC Agency in San Franciso
Remarketing Ads

We believe that existing relationships with past customers and partners needs to be maintained. Accordingly, we help you design ads curated to draw these people back in to make a follow-on purchase.

Industries We Help

Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso
Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso
Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso
Financial Services
Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso
Health & Pharma
Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso
Digital Marketing Agency in San Franciso

Why Choose GSC as Your Digital Marketing Agency

Top PPC Agency in Austin

Google Partner Agency

Eliminate the fear of handing over your marketing campaigns to unproven agencies. We at GSC have been recognised by Google itself as capable of maximizing client success, driving client growth by demonstrating our expertise.

Top PPC Agency in Austin

Customer Focused Company

As our experience points out, we have successfully developed high value relationships with all our past and existing clients. We attribute this to our consistent performance coupled with our proactiveness in being customer centric in all our operations.

Top PPC Agency in Austin

Post Service Support

Our journey with you does not have to end after we deliver on what we have promised. We love to keep in touch with our past clients and offer suggestions on how they can continue to build on the success we have initiated for them.

Top PPC Agency in Austin

Continuous Reporting

Although most marketing campaign are developed with the bigger picture in mind, we make sure that we constantly deliver updates to our clients. Such reporting puts our clients at ease and helps make immediate adjustments along the way.

Our Credentials

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of ad types you can run. These include search, display, local, social media, shopping, video and remarketing ads. Do get in direct touch with us so we can help figure out the right plan for you.

PPC can help drive more traffic to your site, increase sales, and provide a justifiable form of paying for ads. It also offers the benefit of being able to track real-time performance.

We recommend you approach a digital marketing agency such as Global Search Council which is one of the best ppc companies in Austin to help integrate PPC into your marketing campaigns. We charge a competitive fee based on the scale of the project.

Advertising with PPC ads offers instant visibility, precise targeting, budget control, measurable results, and the ability to reach potential customers at the right moment, making it a highly effective strategy for driving traffic and conversions.

PPC can deliver immediate results, including increased website traffic, higher visibility, lead generation, and measurable ROI. The outcome depends on factors like budget, ad quality, and targeting, but it offers a valuable avenue for achieving specific marketing objectives.

When selecting the ideal Austin PPC company for your advertising needs, prioritize factors like proven ROI, tailored strategy, certified professionals, clear communication, and a focus on local market dynamics.

Yes, we recommend including PPC in every brand’s marketing campaign. Regardless of size and industry, every business can find some benefit from using PPC.

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