20 most relevant lead magnet ideas to generate leads for your website!

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June 17, 2022 . 2 min Read

Creating good leads and bonding with relevant prospects who keep a deep interest in your brand are vital reasons most of the businesses are investing time as well as resources in digital marketing. Businesses struggle to collect email addresses along with other details for contact from their important buyers. But there is one useful way to succeed and that is a lead magnet. When it is utilized in a proper way, become the game-changer for your business.

Now you must be wondering what lead magnets are and why they are so much efficient for lead generation?

Well! A lead magnet is an attractive offer that suggests something of good value by exchanging the prospect’s contact information. It is one of the ethical bribes for your consumers. You will offer something to your customer that they require and in return, you ask for their contact information. It is like a win-win offer where both you and your prospect receive something of good value.

Lead magnets are one of the powerful methods to motivate people to make an entry into your sales funnel. It is a natural tendency of people to feel much obligated to give in return something valuable when they get something good from you. Besides converting those prospects who are interested in your business, they also keep the capacity to convert some of the sceptics, thereby enticing them to take good notice of your brand.

Thus, in simple words, it is one of the most powerful tools that help in making the strenuous task of collecting important consumer’s information simple.

How to use the lead magnets for your website?

Lead magnet ideas can be created in different ways depending on your business nature, skills, your goals and web presence. Use the lead magnets that can

  • Solve a problem: Ensure the lead magnet focus on the requirements or resolves problems of your target consumers.
  • Display your expertise: Your lead magnet should display your expertise. This assists in converting your leads into paying consumers.
  • Easy to understand: Make use of a lead magnet that is very easily understandable. For instance, try to make your offers crispy and short. When you go for lengthy incentives, that may annoy your consumers.
  • Easy to access: People always appreciate immediate satisfaction. So, ensure they get easy access to the lead magnet within a short period.
  • Assure a rapid win: Ensure that your lead magnets assist your avatar in obtaining something.
  • Specific and good value: Remain specific about the lead magnet benefits as they are very good in the conversion of leads. In addition to that, your lead magnet should have both professed values as well as the actual value.
  • Do not forget to add a call to action button: A CTA button helps your readers to get easy access to your lead magnet. Directing the visitors to your landing page when they hit the CTA button is a reliable way. Never forget to thank any person who provides you with their contact information.

So, after knowing about the usefulness of lead magnet, do you want to know about some of the amazing lead magnet ideas for your website? Have a look at 20 most relevant lead magnet ideas and for easy ways to use your lead magnets here are five categories of lead magnets:

Relevant lead magnets

These are real-time saver that assists you in getting people to add themselves in their email list instantly. They are quite attractive and one of the relevant options as they possess the capacity to lift your prospects. Some of the relevant lead magnets are

1. Checklist: It is one of the easy lead magnets to make. It compresses all things that your users should know in one actionable list. Similar to it is the cheat sheet where you can utilize them to provide your readers with important guidelines to obtain something.

2. Template: It is one of the relevant lead magnets and it can be anything that offers an initiation point to an outline. The templates are very easy to fill up and this is the reason they are one of the easy options.

3. WebApp: Using Web App is another great idea for lead magnets. The web app remains on your website and needs everyone to sign up for using it. When you make it mandatory for people to sign up for using a web app, you get easy access to their email addresses.

4. Examples: People always look for good and understanding examples. When you have any examples, you can utilize them as a lead magnet for generating email addresses.

5. Toolkit: As you know that people always search for examples like that, many of them also look for toolkits. Like for instance, content writers might be interested in those tools that will assist then in enhancing their work. One example is “Best SEO tools all writer require to write better.” There are several other benefits of utilizing a toolkit, and one of them is you become an affiliate to that product.

In addition to these relevant magnet ideas, there are some other ideas like resource list, calendar, planner, worksheet, printable etc that helps a lot in converting your leads into customers.

Entertaining lead magnets

People always love entertainment, and thus creating lead magnets that will entertain your customers can be of great help for your website.

6. Quizzes: It is very easy to bring a conversion by using quizzes. They are one of the entertaining lead magnets. You can make your users answer some of the questions and make it compulsory to give their email address to view the outcome.

7. Survey: For doing market research surveys are most commonly used, but you can also use them as one of the best lead magnets by giving a persuasive call to action. For instance, you can ask people who visit your website to offer you feedback for their experience. For collecting dependable feedback, you must consider providing surveys to people who have visited your page several times. There are certain tools available that can make your work easier.

8. Giveaway: Everybody likes opportunities that help in winning free things. If you want to make your giveaways very efficient, you must consider the following things:

  • You can qualify your efficient leads by providing some useful prizes like something social for all of your ideal consumers.
  • Provide extra incentives for each share by the participants.

Lead magnets that come with an educational purpose

You can make use of the educational lead magnet idea for giving ideas on topics that looks relevant to brands offer. By using them, you can assist your users to easily understand all your products as well as services. You can also utilize those educational lead magnets for positioning you as an authority in your sector. In simple words, educational lead magnets are something that you require to develop brand awareness as well as credibility. Have a look at some of the top educational lead magnet ideas:

9. Gated content: You gate content by keeping it behind a pop-up or CTA. One of the best ways to gate your content is keeping the second half of your content hidden and then asking the readers to provide their email address to get access to the entire post.

10. Tutorials and guides: For the tutorial, you can either make a video or a PDF or something that will teach how to create something specific. Ensure that the tutorials are very engaging for attracting more and more subscribers. You can also make eBooks or guides that are quite rewarding when you prepare them well. Offer your readers important reasons to make them know that they are worth downloading.

11. Report: Report is one of the powerful lead magnets mainly for all B2B businesses. They are also relevant for those industries that depend on statistics, research as well as data. To make a reliable report, you can bring together all data from various sources into one compact form. For making your report more interesting and engaging, you can also make use of good Infographics. It assists people in visualizing concepts before going much deeper. When you make some extra efforts to make your Infographics more attractive, it helps in making your lead magnet stand out easily from others.

12. Video and audio: If you want to make a killer education lead magnet, a video can help you. Wondering why? Because they have a high perceived value and as per 90% of the marketers, video helps all users to get a better understanding of products and services. A video lesson can be one of the best lead magnets. If you do not want or possess the equipment to shoot a relevant video, then you can create good downloadable audio. When you offer downloadable audio from your website or your podcast, more than 50% of the population will listen to the podcast, with 30% listening to it at least once every month and 22% will listen every month. More than 70% of podcast users will listen to the podcast for learning something novel.

13. Webinar: A webinar is also an important lead magnet. Similar to audio and video, these webinars have a good possibility of conversion. Webinars can easily retain 40% of its viewer’s focus—more than 20% of those who attend a webinar turn to qualified leads. In between 2% and 6% of those attendees, they will purchase something.

Community building lead magnets

More than 80% of the brands say that the effort they put in community building results in enhanced traffic. Businesses like making communities where there will be a dialogue between the brand and the prospects. Such communities are one of the amazing places for prospecting as well as providing an incentive that will attract people and they will provide their addresses in return. Some of the leading community-building lead magnets are:

14. Challenge: It is one of the most useful lead magnets. For example, when you challenge some people to lose weight in one week or even one month.

15. Membership: If you are thinking of making a membership website, then try to offer free registration. It becomes one of the most relevant community-building lead magnets.

16. Social media groups: On some of the important social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn you can make some groups and utilize them as important venues for distribution of your relevant content as well as insights. These groups prove to be an efficient method for bringing in and creating a good number of audiences. Eventually, this audience might get converted to target leads.

17. Round up: It is mostly content that involves pieces from varied contributors like the industry leaders, innovators, experts, influencers etc. This can offer various insights, predictions etc. It can give a boost to your authority and develop attention for your brand.

Bottom of the funnel lead magnets

Not every consumer journey is linear, starting from topmost position to the bottom while they convert into paying consumers. In some instances, an important prospect might not have given their email address but they are already thinking of buying some product. Like someone, which may be a previous customer refers to a potential consumer. In such a scenario, get ready for the prospect by creating lead magnets at the bottom part of the funnel. Some of the best ideas under such category are:

18. Free trial: Like providing any lite version of any tool, the free trial also is one of the best ways to make subscribers test your offer. Such free trials also function well with those membership sites.

19. Coupon: Even if it is not as efficient as other because most of the visitors are not prepared to purchase when they make the first visit to your website. But it keeps the capacity to attract some people to your business over your competitor when they know that they will receive a discount.

20. Assessment: By offering some free assessment or else review, you can easily show off your expertise. For instance, if you are a web designer, you can provide some free review of your site.

So, with so many effective lead magnets, you can easily set them for the success of your website. But to get maximum success, try using various lead magnets and prepare some quick wins. Lead magnets are one of the efficient things you can do for your business.

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