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June 17, 2022 . 2 min Read

Link building is one of the main pillars of SEO since the start of the process. Though link building is important for any website, the process of acquiring good links has changed over the years.

Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc., are very strict about the way they treat the backlinks pointing to your website. Google considers many factors like the relevancy, quality, anchor text, spam score of the sites pointing to your website.

With link building becoming more and more complex, it is great to use some tools that can reduce the manual efforts in link building. In this article, we have listed down a few link building tools which help you to plan and track the link building campaigns in an effective manner.

Best Link Building Tools in 2020

Though these are some of the best tools for your link building campaign, you should not use all these tools to design your link building strategies.

We suggest you pick only a few tools out of this list that can bring in the best results for you.


Ahrefs has been in the SEO industry for quite a long time. This tool has consistently evolved with the changes in SEO, and now it is considered as one of the main tools for planning your SEO activities.

For analyzing your competitors and spying on their links, this is one of the best tools out in the industry. There are quite a few interesting features of this tool like domain intersection of the competitors which helps you to analyze the common backlinks they have, prioritizing high-quality links from the competitors based on certain metrics, etc.

Guest Post Tracker

Guest Posts are one of the effective and quality link building tactics in order to rank the website in a short span. This is one of the easiest and effective go-to link building strategies.

However, one should understand that finding quality websites to get guest posts can be very time consuming and straining. This is where the Guest post tracker comes into the play.

Guest post tracker is one of the effective tools when it comes to gain authority and quality guest posting links to your website. This tool has more than 1500 website database that accepts the guest posts. One of the best features of this tool is that it helps you to filter the guest post based on the niche.


BuzzStream is one of the best outreach platforms where it makes the webmasters easy to find the contacts of fellow bloggers and organize the relationships. This is very easy compared to keeping track of all the client emails manually.

You can find the contact information of the websites and moreover filter them based on the niches easily. You can also connect your email to the BuzzStream account and then contact the fellow bloggers for the links.

According to the relationship you hold with the fellow bloggers, the status of your emails is shown. You can also customize the fields and organize everything in the best possible manner.


As mentioned earlier, the most time-consuming part for guest posting is email outreach. One needs to find the contact details of the fellow blogger and also keep tracking the emails.

GroupHigh has a huge database of blogger’s emails and contact information. One best part about the GroupHigh is that it makes it easier for the user to know what to prioritize. Some of the stats shown in the GroupHigh dashboard are demographics and size of the audience, domain authority, social media followers of the website, and many more.

You can also directly outreach to the website owners through the GroupHigh platform. This way, you can stay organized while outreaching for the guest posts.

Most of the websites listed above are a good source for link building, but what happens when you accidentally build a toxic link to your website. It hurts the ranking of your website in a negative manner. So, to track and disavow such kind of toxic links, you can use

In a traditional disavow method, you need to compile a list of toxic links that need to be submitted to Google webmaster to disavow the toxic links. On the other hand, you can identify the toxic links on your website with the help of this tool and remove it pretty easily.


If you are looking for Journalists and public relations, then JustReachOut is the right tool for your link building. You can find the list of journalists and pitch them through this tool.

You can also rank the journalists based on how much interested they would be in your outreach campaign. JustReachOut has a database of journalists and PR who are looking for sources like you. Through Twitter and HARO, you can find a list of such sites very easily.

Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer is good to identify your competitor links as well as to identify the quality of links pointing to your website. For that, you can simply place your competitor link on this website, and it displays all the links pointing to your competitor along with the quality of that link.

You can make a list of the authority links pointing to your competitor and start replicating the links. That is pretty simple, as well as less time consuming compared to other tools in the market. However, this tool offers limited features in the free plan, whereas the premium plan has access to all the features which can give you an extra edge over the competitors.

Link explorer is one of the best tools for the link building process.


NinjaOutreach is a very much similar tool like GroupHigh and Buzzstream. This tool has a huge database of influencers from whom you can get a link to your website. Though this tool was not great in the beginning, now it has improved a lot in terms of finding the influencers and also has a very clean interface.

NinjaOutreach has a very good site design and is easier to navigate. This website has very useful templates for doing email outreach to fellow bloggers regarding broken links, guest posts, etc. Also, based on the filters given in the tool, you can prioritize the link building tasks.

Link Prospector

Link Prospector helps you to research the good link building opportunities with a click of a button. Manually typing the strings for the link building can be mentally draining.

Link Prospector helps you to find the relevant blogs in your niche. You just need to type the keyword of your niche in the search bar, and the rest of the work is done by Link Prospector. You can outreach the blogs based on the relevancy and quality of that blog.


BuzzSumo is one of the best content marketing tools in the market, which helps you to find the viral content in your niche. However, if you are intelligent enough, you can use the same tool for link building opportunities as well.

The best links that anyone can get for their website is the organic links. Using BuzzSumo, you can find the most shared content in your niche and replicate the same process that your competitor is doing.

Replicating the viral content can help you to gain the links in a natural manner which is a positive signal for ranking in the search engine.


CognitiveSEO is one of the best alternatives to sites like Moz and Ahrefs. It has all the resources required for SEO right from content planning to link building. One of the best features of CognitiveSEO is its unnatural link tool.

This tool lets you check the quality of the links pointing to the website which you are planning to take the links from. If the website links are toxic, you can avoid pitching for the guest post. You can also filter the domains based on the authority of them.


Pitchbox is another best outreach link tool that covers link prospects, research, report, and contacts. This has an organized system that helps you plan the link building activities in an organized manner.

There are many other features in this tool which helps you to run a different set of campaigns for a different set of link building.


Ontolo is one of the best link prospecting tools like BuzzSumo. Prospects can be easily found with the help of its huge database. In case, if you already have a list of prospects, you can upload your list over here.

The filtering system of Ontolo is pretty good, and it helps you to find relevant groups for specific link building campaigns. However, the user interface of this website is not as eye-catchy as the BuzzStream website.

If you are looking for any link building prospect tools that can help you with a few clicks, then Ontolo is the right choice for you.

Once you find the relevant websites for link building, it is time to get the contact information of the webmaster to pitch for link building. If you are planning to get a guest post from a website but unable to find the contact information, helps you in it. is very well known email extracting tool in the market. It is capable of extracting the email of the webmaster and relevant contact details of the website. This is a Chrome extension and is available at a low cost.

This is pretty simple to use and is also powerful. You can verify if the extracted email is authentic or not with the help of features.

Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks extracts the data from other tools like Majestic and Moz, and also adds its own set of features. You can get a detailed link report for the link analysis and also you can track the positions of SERP. This has a disavow tool as well, which is pretty helpful to remove the toxic link from your website.

Monitor Backlinks is not as effective as Moz and Ahref tools, but it is very inexpensive compared to these tools. If you have just started out your link building campaigns, then Monitor Backlinks is the right choice, as it is budget-friendly and also has a lot of features.

Google Alerts

Not many people who do link building campaigns are aware of the Google Alerts power of link building. Google Alerts helps you to find the websites that are publishing contents in your niche. Google Alerts sends email notifications whenever there is a website that matches the filters set in your alert.


If you are looking out for a link building tool that can automate all your link building campaigns, then Scrapebox is the right choice. Scrapebox comes with a lot of powerful features like extracting backlinks based on the keywords provided, scraping out expired domains, and building automatic links to your blog, wherever possible.

If you are serious about your link building campaigns, then it is highly recommended to choose scrapebox as it comes with a lifetime deal, instead of recurring monthly subscriptions.


HARO is one of the old yet powerful link building techniques for any website. In this technique, real journalists link out to your blog, which builds a lot of trust and authority to your site.

When a journalist is working on any information or sources, he puts a call for help on the HARO.

Once you signup on HARO you will get a list of these calls including the topics and type of expert they are looking for. If you feel that you have the right kind of skillsets, then you can reach out to these bloggers and get a link in exchange for the information provided.

This technique is free and is also powerful compared to the other few tools mentioned above.

These are some of the effective link building tools which you must definitely try for your website, to observe better rankings in a short span.

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