5 reasons not to quit SEO during COVID-19

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June 17, 2022 . 2 min Read

We are currently going through one of the worst pandemics that ever happened to humanity. Thousands of people have lost their lives, and millions are affected from it. The best way to keep yourself from getting infected is not going outside and staying at home.

Thousands of people have already lost their job due to the economic crisis that has happened due to COVID. Many businesses and start-up have been shut down, and we are heading towards an economic depression slowly.

During this tough time, many people are thinking about quitting the SEO industry. Although it is reasonable to have negative and self-doubt emotions during such time, there are many more reasons why you should stay in the Industry. Here are 5 reasons why you should not quit the SEO industry during COVID-19.

SEO can make you money

In a pandemic, the most important thing is money. You can stay at home for a longer time, but if you don’t have cash flow, you won’t survive the pandemic. SEO has one of the best ROI among the other internet marketing techniques. The only marketing technique with a better ROI than SEO is Email Marketing. However, you need Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and different tactics to generate an email list. Building an Email list can take a lot of time.

With SEO, you can reach many people that are searching for your product. Having an online medium for cash flow is a boon in this pandemic. There are many SEO companies that are doing well in the epidemic as well. By keeping your SEO effort high, you will soon have a great medium of money.

SEO has been least affected by the pandemic

This statement is true, as well as false. SEO has indeed been least affected by the pandemic. Even, there are many businesses whose sell rose during the epidemic. However, some companies were affected by the epidemic. For example, during the lockdown, all the local businesses were shut down. So, the Local SEO industry wasn’t doing well in that phase. Some of the products sell also went down during the COVID.

However, this is also true that many businesses were able to make a double profit during the pandemic. Now the lockdown has almost been lifted throughout the world. People who didn’t quit Local SEO and were continually working on it has been benefitted by better ranking in the SERPs. This is a report from the early phase of the pandemic: Coronavirus Effect on different businesses.

People are using the internet more than ever

Everyone is in their home, and internet usage has been increased more than ever before. People are spending a lot of time on the internet. In a time like this, there is a massive opportunity for social media marketers, SEOs and other digital marketers to grab the audience attention and increase the traffic on their page or website. Many YouTube channels, social media pages and websites traffic has been increased drastically. Those channels who have worked on their pages and site on this pandemic has seen an enormous growth on their platform.

If you are not working on the SEO of your website, then you are missing out on a lot of potential traffic on your website. This is the time for every digital marketer to work even more to grab the attention of the vast audience that is using the internet in this pandemic. People are using social media more than ever; people are making queries on Google more than ever. Many people have even started learning digital marketing after looking at its potential in the pandemic. Here is a report from Google Trends, how the searches of the query “SEO,” has increased after the coronavirus epidemic.

People are using ecommerce more

People are shopping through online stores more than offline stores. The only prevention from coronavirus is to stay at home. That’s why the e-commerce industry has seen such a spike during this pandemic.

According to a report from roirevolution ,

“Prior to COVID-19, Amazon was estimated to net $81.2 billion in revenue in Q2 2020. Because of the pandemic, Amazon allocated $4 billion in additional spend to keep customers and employees safe and increase deliveries after prioritizing only essential items.

The ecommerce giant’s Q2 2020 numbers actually ended up totaling $88.9 billion, marking 40% year-over-year growth. YOY growth was especially impressive for grocery sales, which tripled YOY after Amazon increased its grocery capacity by 160% amid the pandemic.”

You may have already understood how the e-commerce industry has flourished during this epidemic. This is the best time for SEOs and affiliate marketers to work even more to take the maximum benefit from the rise of the industry. People still need good and services. Also, if they are self-quarantines, they still need products. You need to up-level your effort in SEO, Google ads and other forms of digital marketing to reach the maximum potential customers possible.

These tweets define the situation of SEO and E-commerce industry:

The pandemic will end, but you will get out of it with a successful business

Many scientists around the world are working on making the vaccine of this virus as soon as possible. The epidemic will end one day, but, the one thing that will matter the most is how you come out of it. Either you will come out of it as a depressed person who hasn’t worked and quit the industry, or you will come out of this epidemic with a successful business. Digital-based industries are one of the only industries that are still doing well in this pandemic.

We have already survived around six months of this epidemic. The epidemic will be over one day; however, your hard work and determination will decide your faith. You have seen the data and information related to the SEO industry during the pandemic. Now, it’s your job to start working. As we said earlier, having negativity and self-doubt is reasonable right now. However, you need to believe in yourself and start working positively on your work. We hope you will make out of this pandemic with a successful business.


You can’t complain about “not having the time” right now. This could be true before the epidemic, but we have enough free time with us now. This is the time you can either use to work on yourself or waste away. This time will never come back; you are not going to have this much of free time in the future. You should start investing the time on your SEO efforts. This investment will soon begin to bear the fruit.

Many new people are joining the SEO industry in this pandemic. They have enough time to learn and start working on it simultaneously. Who knows that the SEO industry will become more competitive after this pandemic? But we do know one thing for sure that people who will work hard and smart will be coming out of this pandemic with a successful business.

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