15 efficient keyword research tools for SEO

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June 17, 2022 . 2 min Read

Are you thinking of rolling out a new website? Then you might know that a lot of thing goes into the process right from designing to development. Not only that, but it also includes content creation and marketing strategy. There will be not enough time in a single day where you can tackle all tasks.

With so many things to take care of, ensure you spend enough time researching keyword for guiding your content strategy. Keyword research is one of the most important tasks and very crucial for SEO. No matter whether you are giving a kick-start to your old blog or just designing your content strategy for a new blog, the best quality keywords are highly effective for attracting continuous and premium quality traffic to your website.

Keyword research is the main part of pay-per-click marketing as well as SEO practices. If you are not making use of the right and needed keyword, then you might fall short on your budding success.

There are many keyword research tools available that can serve as one of the most efficient options for you. With some of the best keyword research tool, you can

  • Select the best and chosen keywords depending on your sector, monthly search and other things
  • Make a content calendar that is based on associated long-tail keywords
  • Get more idea about your competition
  • Get knowledge about those keywords present on your target list that has the highest search volume
  • Give a perfect boost to your search engine rank

There are a lot of free tools as well as paid keyword research tools that can compile a lot of best quality keywords to bring you some effective outcomes. Patch up all the holes present in your existing keyword selection with these potential tools.

If you are ready to reap some benefits of this keyword research tools to obtain some prominence with the search engines and create some relevant content for your readers, then have a look at some of the best tools available for you:

15 best keyword research tools for SEO

1. SEMRush

It is one of the best tools for keyword research. It doesn’t offer a list of relevant keywords, but it gives you a suggestion of 5-10 best keywords that are already being used by your competitors. The best part of this tool is you get a chance to discover some of the long-tail keywords along with ad group ideas, obtain some of the keyword trends annually, CPC distribution strategy across the world, Analysis of keyword difficulty along with some insights on organic traffic. SEMRush offers a 7 day trial for availing the service and you need to enter the details about credit card for accessing the free trial. But there will be no charge for selecting to cancel within your 7-day trial.

To access it there are four varied pricing plans and the best option comes with the annual billing.

  • Pro-A plan is for limited budget sites and freelancers and it begins with $83 per month that gets billed yearly.
  • Guru- It is for SEO agencies and small to middle-size business. It starts at $166 per month.
  • A business plan that is best for eCommerce stores as well as agencies. It is priced at $333 per month

Enterprise plan which is best for those looking for some custom plans.

2. Word stream keyword tool

It is one of the best tools that you can use both for SEO as well as PPC keyword search. It facilitates you for targeting some specific niches. It also offers you relevant suggestions and helps you to categorize them depending on some common theme for some reliable ad group launches.

It offers you 30 searches for free after which you need to sign up for Word stream advisor for using more. You also get a 7day free trials besides 30 free searches.

3. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

It is a chosen keyword research tool for all content creators. It offers a wide keyword report to you and depends on the clickstream data to offer unique click metrics. With this tool, you will get

  • Perfect score for keyword difficulty.
  • More than 1000 suggestions for a keyword.
  • Click metrics that enhance CTR.
  • Exclusive SERP summary.

It has four affordable pricing plans suitable for all freelancers, mid-size organizations, digital marketers, and bigger brands as well. The pricing plan starts at $82 per month. They also offer a free trial on their standard subscription plans.

4. Solve

If you have more than one channel for which you need keyword research, then solve is one of the best tools that will perfectly fit your requirement. It assists you in exploring the maximum type’s keywords on various search engines depending on the keyword root you offer. It is not only a tool for keyword research but also one of the brainstormers where you can type in your ideas and give it consent to auto-generate own ideas.

5. Google keyword planner

It is a simple tool that serves some of your basic requirements. Although it lacks functionality, it is one of the best sources of keyword data available in the market. The data comes from Google and the outcome incorporates well with the Ad-sense monetization. Some of the best features are

  • Situate commercial keywords by making use of the “top of the page” bid range.
  • Perfect search volume from the Google search engine.
  • Bets for business websites.
  • This tool is available for free.
6. KWFinder

It is an effective keyword research tool that has been designed by Mangools who is a developer renowned for offering the best tools for keyword research on various categories. You can access their beginner guide for starting. The platform is best for finding keywords with low SEO difficulty along with several other features like

  • User-friendly interface for navigation.
  • Get keywords in any language and anywhere.
  • Select options from the relevant keyword list.
  • Get detail statistics for keyword competition.
  • An in-depth overview of SERP.
  • Utilize filters for refining the list of keyword suggestions.

Regarding pricing, KWFinder is a part of the Mangools package that has 4 other SEO tools. Pricing plan is

The basic plan is $30 suitable for all freelancers as well as small businesses.

The premium plan is $40 suitable for all new startups and blogs.

The agency is $80 best for eCommerce stores and all heavy sites.

7. Long Tail Pro

It is well-known to everyone that long-tail keywords are the new requirement for SEO. With Long Tail Pro keyword research tool, you can generate some of the long-tail keywords for your niche sites and also for some of the micro-niche websites. Best features of this tool are

  • Metrics for best and detail keyword.
  • Easy access to long-tail keywords.
  • Recommends appealing and easily convertible organic traffic.
  • SERP lookups.

Although it is a premium tool it also offers a free trial of 7 days. The pricing plan starts with $25 per month which is called the starter plan and then there is $45 per month for Pro plan and the agency plan that is priced at $98 per month.

8. Majestic

This is all in one keyword research tool for SEO that helps in keeping a track of your website’s progress. It is one of the best tools for all new blogs as well as a small business that does not have many resources for investing in complex support for SEO. It is popular because of

  • SEO features that are available in one toolkit.
  • Get phrases that are easy to target.
  • Research competition on every keyword.
  • For the website, the analysis gets a trustworthiness vs authority graph.

Regarding pricing, this tool allows signing up free and doing 3 free searches to know about the service. The feature keyword checker, however, is available only in Pro and API plans. You can obtain the SEO toolkit at a rate of $83/month with an annual billing plan.

9. Keyword tool

If you are searching for keyword data mining, then this tool is bet. Being atop keyword research tool in the market, it provides perfect analysis for various search engines like Google, Amazon, App store, etc. Some of its attractive features are

  • Getting the best keywords by making use of Google Autocomplete.
  • Increase your social media marketing with the keyword analysis feature of Instagram and Twitter.
  • Export outcomes to CSV.

The pricing plans are quite similar to that of Google Keyword planner. For the first 750 keywords, it is free and the basic plan starts with $69 per month.

10. Serpstat

If you are looking for an entire SEO suite, then this tool is the best option that includes website analytics, SRP analysis, keyword search, rank tracker, website audit features, and backlink analysis. It offers multiple solutions that can easily streamline the whole category of SEO.

With this tool, you can

  • Gain knowledge about your competition by making use of the competitor graph.
  • Search for keyword difficulty and recent trends.
  • Affordable option.

You can use this tool free for few times by signing up for their free membership. But for regular use, you must set up with any of their subscriptions.

11. Moz keyword explorer

It is an outstanding tool that offers some of the easy to use and out of box recommendation for a keyword. Besides boasting all features that you expect from any keyword research tool it also has two other unique features:

  • CTR score: This click through rate gives an easy demonstration of the number of clicks that you expect to attract on page 1 of Google.
  • Priority score: It is a mixture of all individual factors that a typical tool makes use of for suggesting the keyword options. It mainly combines data on CTR, keyword difficulty, and the search volume to assist you in selecting the chosen terms for your work.

Regarding the pricing of this tool, you must know just by signing up you get 10 free queries per month. The premium features are available at a price of $179 per month.

12. Ubersuggest

Just input one keyword and it immediately returns you with a list of uncountable keywords that are both alphabetized and numerical varieties of your given keyword. If you want to uncover even more keyword than listed then you can add bounce house ab, ac, ad. The keywords it suggests can be efficiently used for your SEO purposes.

13. SpyFu

This is one of the most popular keyword research tools that can be used for the analysis of the SEO strategies of your competitor. This tool helps in uncovering some of the most valuable and virtually unexploited keywords that can easily bring some huge changes especially if you are working in some highly saturated niche. Some of its appealing features are

  • You can easily compare various websites that are competing for a search item.
  • You gain an idea of ranking issues and some historical tank alterations.
  • Extra modules for deep domain analysis.

SpyFu is a tool that provides results on a monthly basis and you can subscribe it with only $33 per month.

14. Search Term

It is a tool that gives you an idea on which search terms have triggered your ads depending on your existing keywords that you are bidding. It helps in enhancing your quality scores as well as granularity in your account.

15. Competitor source

It is an effective tool for keyword research that helps you to see which Meta keywords that your competitors are using for ranking organically. It is very easy to use and offers immense benefits.

16. Google Correlate

This is an extremely powerful keyword research tool that can generate you a big keyword list. The main reason to use this tool is the capability to observe which of the keywords are getting searched together. With this, you can start growing your list of keywords.

Thus, regarding keyword research there exist always a correct and wrong method of doing your analysis. By using the above 15 keyword research tool, you can easily select some of the right keywords for SEO. These tools help you in giving a perfect guide to your content strategy, enhance your ranking with the search engines, and take you close to success.

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