20 best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

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June 17, 2022 . 2 min Read

There are various tasks we are required to do daily for SEO right from organizing our content to make sure the website usability and link building. But with some of the functionalities present in your internet browser, it is easy to carry out these tasks very conveniently. At present, Google Chrome has gulped up an extensive market share. It is one of the widely used browsers in mobile, tablets and desktop. It is popular because of its features and speed.

SEO is very important and it is known to most of the marketers. But before knowing about various ways for optimization, it is vital to know how important SEO for your business is? You can estimate this by knowing how many people are making use of search engines to research before they make a purchase. Have a look at it:

  • 65% of B2B consumers make use of the search to do research online for any solution they need
  • 80% of eCommerce consumers research before making a purchase
  • These are a big number, but do it matters? The answer is off course, yes. Between 75% and 90% of all traffic clicks on all ranking pages on the top page, and more than 60% of all searches always click on top 3 spots. One-third of all searches always click on the top spot.

You might be a Google Chrome fan, but do you know about some of the powerful plugins that chrome offer? With just click of your mouse, you can easily install SEO plugin and open up your doors to some high level of productivity. Some of the extensions are highly efficient as they are present with some value-adding functionality that can easily save your time every day.

There are numerous chrome extensions present that are helpful while looking for ideas for improving SEO strategy and for watching the analytics of your competitors. Some of the extensions also can make attractive graphs along with charts for making presentations and business comparisons a breeze.

As there are many chrome extensions to choose from for SEO, it’s difficult to choose the best one. To assist you in navigating the crowded place of chrome extensions, here are 20 best chrome extensions for SEO. Most of them are compatible with Firefox as well as Safari and keeps good track of maximum analytics for you. It is a challenging job to keep your website optimized. Up keeping is very important. Your developers, along with copywriters and another walkover through your pages, thereby doing some updating, altering, removing, and breaking up your site.

If you are tired of some of the consistent SEO tasks that decrease your productivity and looking for some of the effective SEO based chrome extensions, then have a look at some of the,

Powerful Chrome Extensions that can enhance your SEO workflow

1. MozBar

This chrome extension is free, but with MozBar Premium, you will get a free 30-day trial and then paid plans for $99/Mo. MozBar helps its users in checking SEO within their browser with just one click. It offers metrics when you view any webpage and facilitates users to export SERPs into the CRV file for analysing. With MozBar premium, you get functionalities like analysis of keyword difficulty, optimization of page and digger SERP metrics.

2. Keywords everywhere

It is available free. It is an efficient tool that displays three types of information for keywords on Google:

  • Monthly search volume
  • Google Adwords competition
  • Cost per click.

With this extension, you are no longer needed to go back and forth from Google keywords to your browser page.

3. Growth Bar

This extension of Google chrome is available free for the initial five days and after that $29 for a month. It is a simple extension that offers you access to some of the important SEO data points on any website. You can unlock the growth channel and keywords that work for them. This tool helps you to explore some of the fine performing keywords, domain authority, and keyword ranking difficulty score, page word count, backlink data and many more things.

4. SEO Meta in 1 click

It is a chrome extension available for free. It displays every Meta tags as well as main SEO information for a web page with a single click. This involves all lengths of title as well as descriptions, headers in a sequence of appearance, images without alt text, URL etc.

5. Similar Web

This chrome extension is also free. It offers traffics along with important metrics for any site. It is one of the renowned chrome extensions that help users to see all statistics as well as plans for any site while searching the internet with just one click. This is a useful extension for anyone wanting some novel and efficient SEO strategies. It is also good for those keeping an interest in analyzing various trends in the market.

6. Redirect Path

This is an effective chrome extension available for free. In Microsoft word, there appears a red squiggly line giving alert abut use of improper grammar. Redirect Path works as an SEO doppelganger. This extension flags all 301,302,404 and 500 HTTP status codes, JavaScript and Meta redirect thereby catching all potential issues immediately. It also displays HTTP headers as well as a server IP address.

7. BuzzSumo

It is a free chrome extension that helps in SEO tracking for social media. It helps in easily tracking all shares and some of the top-performing content on any social media page. By using BuzzSumo, you get assistance in making future SEO decisions and keep track of all Backlinks that you offer on your pages.

8. Hunter

The extension for chrome is available free for the basic plan and if you need a paid plan with more features then it starts with $49 per month. It helps in finding all contact information quickly in your browser. The procedure called domain search is easily accessible by an icon present in the chrome. Hunter can easily find all email addresses about your website.

9. Mangools

It offers a free 10-day trial and then starts the basic plan at $29 per month. With this extension, you can easily check a website SEO strength that provides you with top SEO metrics of websites by using Moz and majestic. You can easily access some of the premium features like “Google SERP on steroids” function, helping with keywords, Backlinks as well as profile analysis.

10. Google trends

It is available for free and is a vital part of Google Webmaster Tools which is a set of extensions tools for designing websites as well as incorporating them with Google. It offers analytics by utilizing graphs on some of the top searches in Google from various countries. This extension helps you in recognizing your website’s SEO performance.

11. SEMRush

It is available at $99 per month. It is displayed as a dashboard that reports on the performance of domain along with individual pages. One of its important features available with prime is its SEO toolkit that helps users in making analysis of Backlinks as well as watch keyword rank. It also offers some on-page SEO suggestions, thereby fitting itself into SEO strategy very nicely

12. Ahrefs

With these extensions in chrome, you can easily examine website properties and helps in finding useful keywords, ranking profiles, and links that provide SEO enhancements on your website. To obtain a detailed report on any SEO metric, you just have to click o it. Ahref lite is available at $99 per month.

13. Serpstat

You can get it for free or lite data and for the basic paid plan you get it for $69.With this tool, you can check your website SEO along with your competitor’s SEO. Once you click the in-browser icon you can receive the entire SEO audit of any domain. It is available with three important sections that are On-page EO parameters, domain analysis, and page analysis.

14. Ninja outreach Lite

This chrome extension is available for free and makes browsers proficient for advanced data mining. It provides several SEO functions like webpage URL, Meta descriptions, monetization methods, and links along with follower counts on social media.

15. CheckMyLinks

It is also a free extension of chrome. As the name suggests, with just one click you can easily scan through the WebPages for all broken links. It is one of the biggest time savers while linking heavy web pages. The extension ensures all the links are functioning perfectly, thereby notating when the links are broken.

16. Page Speed insights

It is an important part of Google Webmaster Tools. It is an important SEO tool that offers information on all desktop as well as mobile sites. After you run an analysis, Page Speed Insights offers your score on the website and help in giving suggestions on how to make the web page run very fast.

17. Woorank

This extension from chrome is available for free for a trial period of 14days.Then $49 for Woorank Pro Plan and $149 for Woorank premium. It is one of the vital website analysis chrome extensions that is almost the same as page speed insights. It helps users to look at suggestions for enhancing their WebPages. It also offers an in-depth analysis of online visibility, usability and social media thereby helping you in keeping track of various ways to enhance various metrics.

18. NoFollow

It is a free chrome extension. With these, all marketers can know about the web page outline that is coded with NoFollow metatag. Because they do not get to SEO metrics, users can easily recognize all external web pages that backlink to their website with indexed links. For all those pages that you do not wish to be index like any landing page, this chrome extension checks to observe if these pages are coded rightly and highlight all links that are not functioning properly.

19. VidlQ

This goes beyond your YouTube Analytics to offer you all insights on getting more views as well as subscribers on YouTube. It allows you to do a channel audit to show you what is working with your content and all areas where you require some improvements. You can also obtain some insights into what all competitors are doing to get a high rank and receive more views on YouTube. While this chrome extension is available with features like ChannelAudit, VidlQ competitor’s tool, vidlQScore, you can also get some of the premium features as well as high limits by up-gradation to some of their paid plans.

20. GrowthBar

It is one of the simple chrome extensions that offer you instant access to important SEO data points about any website. It helps in unlocking the growth channels as well as keywords that work for them. With these tools, you can do SEO and some useful keyword research from the comfort of your Google browser. It is because this tool helps you to explore a website’s best working keywords, domain authority, backlink data, page word count, Facebook ads. All you have to do is type in the search bar and this tool offers you with SEO insights as well as metrics for enhancing your search rankings. It is completely free to try.

So, these are some of the important chrome extensions that will easily decrease your SEO stress. Most of them offer you some of the relevant information for refining your skills like backlink building as well as keyword accuracy. This extension offers you the features of online SEO tools as well as services to your browser. It can have a significant effect on your productivity and helps in saving a lot of time.

But one important thing you must keep in mind is if you are using a lot of browser extensions, it might slow down your computer. The best option is to make various user profiles for various tasks. Then you can easily install varied extensions on every profile and then switch in between.

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