Global search engine optimization software market 2020 recovering from Covid-19 outbreak

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June 17, 2022 . 2 min Read

Covid-19 pandemic has affected many industries throughout the world. Many businesses have been shut down, and many people have lost their jobs during this pandemic. The epidemic isn’t over, and many companies are on the verge of collapsing. The lockdown has been lifted from almost all the part of the world; still, the pandemic doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

The SEO industry has been least affected by this pandemic. Although Local SEO was affected at the time of the lockdown, however, after the lockdown, it is beginning to flourish again. There are still some niches in SEO that are still affected by the pandemic. But, if we look at the whole picture, the SEO industry did pretty well in this pandemic.

People are using the internet more than ever. Even a self-quarantined person needs good and service, and they will need e-commerce to get it. People are making searches more than ever on the search engines. Many creators and webmasters have been benefitted by the huge spikes of the queries on the search engines.

These tweets that explain the SEO industry condition right now:

Today, we are going to show you whether Search Engine Optimization Software Market was affected by COVID-19 or not and what some of the SEO software companies did in this pandemic.

SEO Software Companies During Covid-19

Many companies amazed us with their decisions in this ongoing outbreak. Major companies did some unexpected decision in the starting of the coronavirus outbreak. Here are some of the decisions taken by major SEO Software companies.

MOZ Free SEO Course

MOZ is one of the biggest SEO software company in the industry. MOZ offers premium SEO tools for link building and analysis, keyword research, webpage performance, local listing audits, and more!

On March 24th,2020, they announced that they would be giving their SEO course worth more than 2500$ for free.

This is what Moz said while announcing their Moz Academy Courses for free:

“The well-being of our community – from our customers to our readers to our team members – is of the utmost importance to us here at Moz. The ongoing situation around the spread of COVID-19 is ever-changing.

The state of the world and current events bring significant, often crushing, impact to businesses large and small. While it can be really hard to focus on work and on what is happening in the SEO industry during this difficult time, we also know that your work can’t stop.

Whether you’re reading this as a small business owner concerned about your traffic, or an agency with clients who are hurting financially – we’re here to support you.

Today through May 31, you’ll be able to access the courses in Moz Academy for free. Hopefully you can use this resource to level up your skills, learn a new discipline, or simply channel your energy into a productive distraction.”

The decision was welcomed and appreciated throughout the industry.

Ahrefs Free Blogging Course

Ahrefs is arguably the best SEO software company in the market right now. It is used by many big and small businesses throughout the world. It is known to be the best tool for analyzing backlinks. The tools is also used for preparing audit report, backlink analysis, URL rankings, competitive analysis and many more.

Ahrefs offered its most popular course named “Blogging for business” for free. The 5 hours SEO course covered everything needed to grow your business blog and generate sells through it.

SpyFu Tool Free

SpyFu is an American search analytics company that has been functioning in the market for 15 years. SpyFu is a popular tool to analyze keywords and backlinks. It is mainly used to analyze keywords for Google PPC Ads.

On April 16, 2020, they announced in their blog post titled “SpyFu COVID-19 Assistance for Small Business” that they will be making the tool available for anyone who needs it.

Here is a screenshot from their post about they said:

On contacting them, many people got the SpyFu basic account for free for two months.

Although, what all these companies did in this tough time deserves applaud and appreciation. However, if we think from a business point of view, all these companies may also get benefited from these schemes.

Many new people in the industry learned SEO through the Moz and Ahrefs courses. Both these courses are super helpful; however, they use their tools in the tutorial while teaching the students. It indirectly promotes their tools, and many students may end up buying it as they got a clear understanding of how to use these tools while watching the courses.

And SpyFu two-month free account can also be termed as a “free-trial business model”. The users are given a free trial for sometimes, so, they can buy it if they like the service.

Note that both these studies are our personal opinions and do not represents any official declaration or statement by any of these companies.

Was SEO Software Market Actually Affected?

Coming to the main question, was the SEO software market affected by the pandemic? Although, some niches did experience downfall, however, the majority of the SEO industry wasn’t much impacted by the COVID crisis.

Many new people turned into SEO after this pandemic as it seemed more reliable than the other digital industries. The competition in SEO has increased than ever before.

It can be said that the market of all these SEO Tools has gotten even better as many new people are joining the industry every day during the pandemic. People are using digital platforms more than ever.

This spikes in Google Trends clearly tells how the SEO industry did pretty well during the pandemic:


The Global Search Engine Optimization Software Market is doing pretty well during this pandemic. Many new people are joining the industry every day, and there doesn’t seem to be any decline in the sales of these tools.

All these SEO software companies have taken great decisions during the starting phase of the pandemic, which must be appreciated.

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