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Upscaling your business is now easy with Global Search Council, which helps you create more visibility and grow your ranking in the search engines with the help of skilled SEO specialists. Global Search Council is the best SEO Agency in Columbus dedicated to giving good results.

SEO Company in Columbus
SEO Agency in Columbus
SEO companies

SEO companies offer internet marketing services that help you rank higher in the search engines. Through website optimizations, link building, and content creation, companies can increase their online visibility and search ranking. There are many SEO agencies in Columbus, but finding the best one to work with takes some research.

SEO Services in Columbus
Best SEO services

SEO is an essential part of your business and working with a company that has proven success can help you get to the next level. We are one of the leading SEO companies in Columbus. We have been working with businesses in Columbus for many years. We are specialized in providing the best SEO services to help local businesses succeed online. We are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional services, tailored campaigns, and great results.

SEO Company in Columbus
Best outcomes

The strategies we use are designed to produce the best outcome for your business. This means more organic traffic, engagement, and ultimately conversions. At our SEO company in Columbus, we believe that websites should be built to help businesses rank higher in local searches as well as on a global scale. We help clients gain the maximum online presence by making sure their business gets found by new customers.

Our SEO Process: Aimed for Success

Our SEO company follow precise methods to help your business rank higher online. The key to getting the best results is our monthly analysis. This process is built on a foundation of white hat strategies that are effective and legit.

Before we begin any campaign, our SEO agency in Columbus understands your business goals. This is because we believe that each client should receive a customized strategy based on their industry and location. Your website needs to reflect the goals of your business. We help you get more customers by identifying your marketing needs.

SEO Company in Columbus

The next step of our SEO process is to complete competitor analysis. This gives us the chance to see how your competitors are marketing online. This helps us develop a strategy to help your rank higher than your competitors. The process of completing competitor research is not just about seeing what they are doing, but how you can do it better. Our experts will then review their strategies and provide a more effective and unique plan for your business.

SEO company in Columbus

Our SEO company in Columbus will make sure it's optimized for success. We will help you eliminate any potential technical barriers that could hinder the progress of your site rankings. With an effective technical strategy, we can give you more online visibility and search engine exposure.

SEO agency in Columbus

We believe landing pages are an important part of every SEO campaign. They allow you to drive targeted website traffic that converts into leads or sales. Our experts will create effective landing pages that convert visitors into customers.

SEO Services in Columbus

Our company owns an advanced penalty recovery tool that can help you recover your site's rankings if it's been demoted or removed by Google. Our team is highly experienced with these types of issues and offers a full range of services to fix the problem.

SEO agency in Columbus

SEO Services We Provide in

SEO Company in Columbus
On-Page Optimization

We only provide white-hat SEO strategies to help your pages and site rank higher. On-page optimization includes strategies designed to increase your brand exposure online. Our agency has a team of experts that can create unique and creative content for your site and know how Google works and will work with you to achieve your website's goals.

SEO Services in Columbus
Off-Page Optimization

Off-page SEO methods include activities that do not take place on your website but are still important. Our specialists know how to plan and implement effective strategies for off-page optimization. We will promote your website through social media channels, blogs, directories, link-building campaigns, and more.

SEO Agency in Columbus
Technical SEO

Our SEO consultant in Columbus will help you get more organic traffic from searches by ensuring that your site is fully optimized to rank higher. Along with on-page optimization, we will improve your site speed and structure. This process is what sets our SEO company apart from the rest. We make sure you receive an effective strategy that can help your website get found online. We have years of experience in optimizing websites and can handle any technical issues quickly and efficiently.

SEO Services in Columbus
Local and National SEO

Our company specializes in helping businesses increase their search engine presence on multiple levels. We know that you need a plan that can help your business succeed locally and nationally. We understand that both are equally important to your growth. Our SEO methods will target the best keywords and strategies based on your industry and geographic location.

SEO Agency in Columbus
Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO is not the same as general SEO. We make sure your e-commerce website is optimized for success by utilizing effective strategies that are proven to increase organic traffic and conversions. Our SEO expert team will create a customized plan that is designed around your specific business needs.

SEO Services in Columbus
App Store Optimization (ASO)

It is important to make sure your mobile apps are fully optimized for success. Our company specializes in App Store Optimization and can help you increase the visibility of your app by listing it higher on app store results. Our experts know how to rank your app higher than your competitors and will increase the number of downloads.

Why Choose Us?

Global Search Council has over 8 years of experience in SEO, serving as a digital marketing solutions provider for businesses both local and national. As the leading SEO agency in Columbus, we understand how important it is to reach your customers and potential leads, giving them the best customer service possible. We take pride in our reputation as a trustworthy agency dedicated to working with each client to achieve their goals.

SEO Company in Columbus
Dedicated Account Manager

We assign each client a dedicated strategy manager that you can work with throughout your campaign. Our managers are up to date on all of our SEO strategies and will provide you with insights to help you get the most out of your campaign. We want to make sure you receive the best service possible, and our account managers will provide daily updates on all of your campaigns.

SEO Company in Columbus
CRM Integration

Our company has implemented CRM software in all of our campaigns to help us track the effectiveness of our services, monitor how each client is doing, and contact them when they are needed. We will work with you to build a customized marketing plan that fits your requirements.

SEO Company in Columbus
Real-Time Tracking

Through web analytics, we can track the number of visitors you get to your website and what they did when they were on your site. We can also keep track of how many people downloaded any content from your site, where they went after visiting it, and which social media channels helped generate traffic for your site. Using the latest tracking and monitoring technology, we can create a data-driven report for our clients.

SEO Company in Columbus
Guaranteed Result

At Global Search Council, we are dedicated to helping you succeed online. We are fully confident that our services will help you grow your business. We offer a vast range of online marketing services so you can choose the ones that best meet your business needs.

Perks Of SEO Strategy

SEO Company in Columbus
Increased ROI

A dedicated online marketing team will help you increase and maintain your search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic to your website. SEO is a long-term solution and will help you get more out of your marketing budget. Our team will help you get more organic traffic from searches by ensuring that your site is fully optimized to rank higher. We have years of experience in optimizing websites and can handle any technical issues quickly and efficiently.

Organic Traffic and Conversions

If your site is not optimized for organic search engine results, you are missing out on an opportunity to get significant amounts of organic traffic. With an increase in organic traffic to your site, you will see more conversions. You will drive qualified traffic to your website while saving money on other forms of paid advertising. Our SEO company in Columbus will create a customized strategy that is best-suited for your business and location.

Building Brand Awareness

SEO will help you increase brand awareness through not only organic traffic but also social media sharing, which increases engagement and makes your company more recognizable to potential customers. Customer satisfaction is crucial to maintaining a successful business, which is why our team focuses on helping you provide the best possible experience with your products or services. When an individual sees the same thing in multiple places around the web, it increases their trust for this information.

Reportage and Analytics

Our company team will provide weekly or monthly reports that detail the progress of each campaign. We can also make recommendations on how to improve your click-through rates and conversions through A/B testing. Our reports include analytics for Google Analytics, lead referrals, website analytics reports, keyword ranking reports, and more to help you understand how your marketing dollars are being spent.

Our SEO Packages

Our pricing packages are designed to help your website develop a strong organic presence. We offer regular plans for both small and large companies as well as custom campaigns with set budgets. Our team will create an individualized strategy for you based on the needs of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every SEO campaign is unique and our team will choose the best tools to use for a particular job.

Some of these include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Data Studio
  • Ahref
  • Screaming Frogs
  • SEMrush

If you are ready to take your company's online presence to the next level, first set an SEO budget and business goal. You can then contact an SEO professional for help, our team will help you select an SEO package that is best for your business needs and then create a customized campaign that fits into your budget.

Our team will determine if your campaign was a success based on the met business goals as well as the metrics we tracked during the period. We will develop a detailed report for you and provide recommendations to improve results in future campaigns.

SEO is focused on increasing your website's organic ranking in search engine results pages whereas PPC campaigns are paid advertisements. PPC campaigns are usually shorter-term and have a set budget. PPC gives more instant results in a marketing strategy. SEO campaigns can last for several months or years depending on your industry, rankings drop over time so it may be necessary to update the strategy.

Our team can create personalized SEO campaigns for small-scale businesses to help them succeed. We work with smaller companies' budgets, which is why our packages are designed to suit every company's needs.

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